Anne is a gifted therapist and coach who has an uncanny way of quickly honing in and understanding areas that you are stuck in. Trusting her perceptions and knowing she will always deal with you in a sensitive and empathetic manner, allows you to look and risk beyond your current situation. Her spontaneity and wonderful sense of humor make the sessions fun.

I began working with Anne years ago when my teenage daughter was rebelling in a manner that was to me the most frightening thing I had encountered. Feeling helpless and overwhelmed I struggled with counselor after counselor until I found Anne. She gave me effective strategies for dealing with a ‘runaway’ teen. My family and friends refer to the outcome as a miracle. Twelve months later my daughter, who was temporarily expelled from school last year, received scholarships and went on to attend university. Our relationship is now close.

Realizing Anne’s gift as a counselor I chose to continue working with her on my marriage and ultimately on myself. Today my marriage and my understanding of myself are so much healthier and stronger. Thank you Anne for the huge imprint you have made on improving the quality of my life.

— I.Y., Teacher, Delta, BC


Anne worked with us over a brief period of time and gave us great feedback, insight, compassion, resources and helped us to resolve our “frictional issues” very efficiently and cost-effectively. We personally benefited from her warm-hearted assistance and our relationship is flourishing with lasting, tangible, positive results from the very first visit until right now in the present – a considerable time later.

The best part – Anne is not a ‘make work’ project for her own benefit where you keep going back hoping that eventually your life will improve. She always works with your best interests at heart. Anne is worth her weight in gold! Try her – you’ll love her

— GJ, Entrepreneur and C.M., Community Health Care Nursing Supervisor, Vancouver, BC


I am honoured to write this testimonial for Anne Pustil’s website. I have used Anne’s services in the area of life coaching and therapy. I found Anne has the unique capacity to use both her emotional and spiritual intelligence in her work with clients. Anne’s ability to build a trusting relationship, and ask powerful questions helped me to gain the insight necessary to move forward with my goals.

Anne is compassionate, experienced, direct and kind. Her sense of humour, integrity and wealth of knowledge and resources are a huge support to her clients. I am comfortable with recommending Anne to anyone who wants to make positive change in their lives.

— S.R., Adult Educator and Program Development, Vancouver, BC


Over the past few months that I have worked with Anne she has helped me deal with difficult emotional issues, stress and lack of direction. With her guidance, support and exercises I have come a long way in our short time working together.

Anne created a safe, trusting environment in which I could open myself up and get down to the business of healing and learning. I appreciate Anne’s interactive approach through the use of several different approaches and loads of applicable ‘homework’ assignments. I have always left meetings with Anne feeling positive, and I am sure that I have reached a point of self awareness and enlightenment quicker as a result of her methods.

— R.S., Entrepreneur, Vancouver, BC


I am a fifty year old male, married with a teenage son and daughter. When my family and I first came to see Anne almost three years ago we were in a very bad way. Family communication had broken down and our relationships were strained to the point of breaking. This was coupled with fairly serious addiction problems on my part.

The issues we faced were many, husband/wife, parent/child and sibling issues none of which could be dealt with in isolation. Over time, with Anne’s help we developed/discovered/rediscovered the ability to communicate with each other and with that, we were able to resolve some of the big issues facing us as a family. More directly Anne was instrumental in my addressing and dealing with my addiction issues and in so doing allowed me to reconnect with my wife and children.

I very much doubt we would have survived as a family without Anne’s help. I have referred others to her without reservation.

— G.M., Airline Industry, West Vancouver, BC


I might encourage anyone who wanted to get to their own truth to live a happier, calmer and more fulfilled life… to seek out Anne Pustil. She is like a guide taking you through some frightening and ‘uncharted’ territory.

At the end of the day, I’m not really sure that this ongoing sacred journey would have been quite as enlightening, or quite as gratifying… if I had trusted anyone else to make it with me. Here’s to my coach – my guide – Anne Pustil.

— M.A.M.S., Entrepreneur, Montreal, Quebec


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Anne Pustil. She possesses a rare gift of clarity and insight which was most helpful in getting to the heart of things. Anne has my highest recommendation as a therapist and Life coach.

— TM, C.E.O., Vancouver BC