What if…?

What if you told yourself the truth about how you’re really feeling?  Instead of pretending that everything’s ok because it’s scary to acknowledge the truth and you don’t know how you’d deal with it anyway.

What if you knew that you matter?  That you’re important no matter what anyone else says or does or how they treat you.  That how they treat you is about them and their stuff and you just happened to be there.

What if you no longer allowed anyone to treat you poorly?  If you stood up for yourself and said “That’s enough. I will not permit you to do that. Anymore. Ever again.”

What if you accepted the reality of what’s going on in your life?  Realizing that this is your starting place – right here, right now.  Instead of frantically trying to make it better because you’re scared that things might always be the way they are.

What if you decided that you would rather be HAPPY than right?  That others can have a different perspective and a voice – and be right, too.

What if you heard that voice inside that’s shouting at you to pay attention?  But you keep trying to stifle it because it’s too overwhelming to stop and listen.

What if you forgave yourself?  Period.  An unconditional amnesty for all the unforgivable, thoughtless, mindless, uncaring, stupid, careless, desperate or dramatic things your judgmental bully of a mind keeps beating you up about.  (With apologies to my Grade 7 English teacher for ending a sentence with a preposition.)

What if you stopped believing that you have failed at anything?  And instead gave yourself 1000 standing ovations for your courage in ever taking a risk and stepping outside your comfort zone.

What if you focused on your successes instead of your misses?  Even though you’re not as wealthy, creative, successful, artistic, popular, tweeted about, best-selling or esteemed as you’d like to be.

What if you could see past the difficulties of your life today and had true, unfettered faith in your ability to create your dreams?

What if you didn’t allow anyone to discourage you from the song in your heart no matter how crazy/impossible/ridiculous they think it is?

What if you really loved yourself and were kind to yourself?  If you had compassion for your foibles, messes, flaws and imperfections be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

What if you believed that you deserve to be loved, to be happy, to be successful, to be fulfilled?  Because it’s your turn, dammit.

What if, just for today, you are enough just as you are?  Instead of feeling that you’ll be good enough only when…..

What if today was a perfect day because it’s a day in YOUR life?  And, for once, you’re going to suspend all self-judgment and striving and allow yourself to be present to the love, beauty, joy and miraculousness of this day.

With warmest regards,