In my last newsletter, I talked about how the #1 regret of people who are dying is that they didn’t have the courage to live a life that was true to themselves.

What might be holding you back from living your dreams?

Can you relate to any of these?  You:

  • Don’t know what you want
  • Are afraid of other people’s disapproval
  • Don’t take what you want seriously
  • Don’t know how to create what you want
  • Don’t have the time or energy for your dreams
  • Aren’t sure whether it will really make you happy
  • Are terrified that you will fail
  • Don’t believe that you can have what you want

Those are all important and can definitely sabotage you but I believe that the #1 reason that you don’t go after your dreams is:


This shows up in at least two ways:


You don’t believe in your ability to successfully create what you want. You’re not sure what steps to take or even where to start.


You don’t believe in your ability to handle whatever shows up for you. In other words, you’re terrified to take the risk of going after what you want because you don’t know what will happen (who gets a guarantee?) and whether you’ll be able to cope with it.

If you really believe in yourself then you know that you could (and would) step up and deal with the outcomes of your actions. If you really believe in yourself then you know that you would (and could) do everything possible and never give up on living your one and only life being true to the only one who matters. (Guess who.)

But that fearful mind of yours keeps asking you what you’ll do if you fail or if people don’t like what you’re doing or won’t pay you or whatever terrifying scenarios your mind can concoct for you.

Here’s what should terrify you:

Dying with your song, gifts, talents, dreams, hopes, desires and vision unsung and unfulfilled inside you.

Here’s a wonderful quote from the President of the Republic of Liberia who is the first elected female Head of State in Africa, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, speaking at Harvard University’s 360th Commencement Ceremony:

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

Believe in yourself. It trumps terror every time.

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