Your subconscious.

It doesn’t matter how strong your intentions are.  How powerful your affirmations are.  How much willpower you have.

Your subconscious usually has the final word in what you do.  It’s a powerful force that operates underground, hidden from your awareness.

Your subconscious is the cause of your limiting beliefs and your negativity, confusion, inner conflict, procrastination and lack of action.  It’s what keeps you stuck and sabotages you.

Have you experienced this?  You have a goal.  You work hard, doing what you need to do. You get close to the finish line and – WHAM!  For some inexplicable reason, you do (or don’t do) something that derails your success. You see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow quickly recede in the distance as you’re left wondering what happened.

What happened is that your subconscious just sabotaged you.  Sucker punched you just as you had your eyes on the prize.

According to Bruce Lipton, who wrote The Biology of Belief, our subconscious programming is responsible for 80 to 90 percent of our behavior every day.  Where did this programming come from?  You were taught or had it modeled for you by your parents, family, teachers and culture based on their values, beliefs and behaviors and their subconscious programming.  The problem is that we absorbed all of this before the age of 6.  Before we had the capacity to think for ourselves and decide whether we wanted to take on their values, beliefs and behaviors.

Think about it.  There are times when a 6-year old is running your life without your consent.  How’s that for informed, conscious decision-making?

Until we become aware of what our subconscious is telling us, those voices from the past will stop us cold when we’re doing something new, thinking about taking a risk, stepping outside our comfort zone or going after something we want.

I worked with a client, let’s call her Sandra, who wanted to be in a loving relationship.  She spent a lot of time and money going to singles’ events, she joined an online dating site, did affirmations and visualizations but she wasn’t meeting the man she wanted to share her life with.  Sandra was frustrated because she was able to create success in so many other areas of her life but this one.  I worked with Sandra to become aware of and to clear the subconscious beliefs that were keeping her stuck.  Her subconscious was telling her that she would never find a partner or be in a loving relationship.  Once we identified and cleared the beliefs that were sabotaging her, Sandra changed her attitudes and behavior and she is now in a wonderful relationship.

Are you feeling stuck?  Struggling?  Like you keep hitting a wall?  Those are the signs that your subconscious voice is clamoring for your attention.  Listen up and then do the work that will align your voice with your desires, dreams and goals.

Meditation is one of the best tools for becoming aware of your sabotaging subconscious voice.  When I meditate regularly, even for just a few minutes a day, I find that I’m calmer and I can hear the inner voice of dissent without letting it run my behavior.

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