Stop this: 

Criticizing yourself

Judging yourself

Not sleeping enough

Not treating yourself

Not treating yourself well

Not eating well

Not taking care of your body

Looking after everyone else first

Not taking your desires and dreams seriously

Not having goals

Not taking steps towards your goals

Not living the life of your dreams

Not having any dreams

Not having a vision so big that your heart races and your palms sweat every time you think about it

Believing that you don’t deserve it (whatever “it” is for you)

Believing that you can’t have it (Ditto)

Believing that you’re not worthy or deserving

Believing that you’re not capable

Worrying about what everyone else thinks

Being a couch potato

Exercising too much

Exercising too little

Comparing yourself to others

Not believing in yourself

Believing all the lies you were told about yourself

Being mean to yourself

Regretting anything – you saw it differently back then

Not having any fun

Putting your life off until you lose weight, stop being anxious, get out of debt, fall in love, figure things out… (Fill in the blank)

Missing sunsets

Missing sunrises

Thinking that you have to… (Fill in the blank)

Thinking that you should… (Ditto)

Not thinking about what you really, really, really want

Not taking seriously what you really, really, really want

Choosing comfort, safety and security over challenge, fear and growth

Not doing things on your bucket list

Not having a bucket list

Taking other people’s crap

Giving other people your crap

Thinking that you have to be perfect

Waiting to be perfect

Striving to be perfect

Pretending that you’re not in pain

Not doing anything about your pain

Drowning your pain in your addiction

Needing to be right anytime but especially with the people you love

And do this instead:

Ask yourself what you really, really, really want and do something about it

Create a long bucket list


Love and respect yourself even if it feels weird, strange and uncomfortable

Believe in yourself

Eat chocolate


Do yoga


Really listen to how you talk to yourself

Show yourself some compassion

Save the whales, the environment, kids in crisis or whatever speaks to your heart

Get out there and show the world what you’ve got before it’s perfect


Be grateful

Anything that makes your heart sing

Here’s a short (6 minute) video. I realize that it’s not always as easy as Bob Newhart makes it out to be.  But sometimes it is. And hopefully it will make you laugh.

Click here to link to YouTube.