Stop trying to get rid of your problems without discovering their source.

Many of your crises are wake-up calls telling you that it’s time to pay attention to something in you or your life that needs healing.

Think about your biggest concerns right now.

Your health?  What message might this health issue be giving you?

  • Too much stress?
  • Not eating well?
  • Working too hard and not playing enough in your life?

Your relationship?  What could this relationship problem be trying to tell you?

  • Are you doing all the giving?
  • Repeating an old pattern?
  • Allowing someone to treat you disrespectfully?
  • Afraid of being vulnerable?

Most of the time we just want to get rid of the obstacles in our lives, so we look for the fastest, easiest solution that will make them go away.  It makes sense.  Who wants to struggle or feel pain?

The problem is that we often look for the answer outside ourselves, ignoring the huge red flag that our inner voice is frantically waving in our faces saying “Hello???  Look in here.  This is where your power lies.”

Where in your life is your soul begging you to wake up and pay attention?

“No more words.  Hear only the voice within.”  Rumi

With great warmth,