Decisions.  Decisions.  Do you ever feel paralyzed when making a decision?

Too many voices with too many opinions and the problem is that they’re (mostly) inside your own head?

Which voice do you listen to?

  • The inner bully beating you up for poor decisions you made in the past?
  • The inner scaredy cat wanting you to be careful and stay safe?
  • What you think other people want, expect or need?
  • What you believe other people would approve of or think is right?

Or your inner torch that’s there to light the way for you on YOUR journey? 

You don’t trust yourself.  What if you’re wrong?  What if you make a mistake or fail?  You have made poor decisions in the past (welcome to the human race…).

You can’t hear your inner GPS.  You have submerged or ignored that voice of wisdom and guidance for so long that it’s drowning in the cacophony of voices inside and outside.

I finally realized that, whenever I regretted a decision, it was because I had allowed my head to choose (or more accurately, boss me around).  It usually sounds like this:  “You really should do this because blah, blah, blah…”

I’m learning.

My clients often ask me how to distinguish between their inner compass and all the other voices.  Get present.  Get quiet.  Breathe.  Go within.  Think about your choices.  Your inner wisdom will resonate somehow and somewhere in your body.

Like everything else, it takes practise and experience.  To hear your wise voice and to listen to its guidance.

Be courageous.  And bold.  Oh, how those two qualities will change your life.